Join my Kundalini Yoga Women´s Space Sundays!

Before my Kundalini Yoga Class today…
I thought, what is the best way to promote my Kundalini Yoga Women´s Space classes?And of course, what better way to let you be inspired to join, than doing alive interviews.So today you get to meet these 2 fabulous and beautiful women, Alba and Petra. We did the interview in English because Alba is from Madrid. They are both passionate Kundalinis, and I have the honor of them joining my classes.

I wanted to ask them 3 questions which is:
1. Why do you practise Kundalini Yoga?
2. How do you use the benefits from Kundalini yoga practise in your daily life?
3.Why are you joining the Kundalini Yoga classes with Mette Tost?
Don’t mind me babbling in the end, but that’s the beauty of the moment of speech. No camera man to cut out all the fun:=) But If I could say it again I would say;

“Woman out there, I hope you find great inspiration from Alba and Petra,
to join my Kundalini Yoga, Women´s Space Sunday classes.”

Thank you Alba and Petra,- you both make me so HAPPY and reflects my reason to keep teaching. Enjoy what Alba and Petra wants to share with you…

With warm greetings from Mette
NB: stay tuned for next interview:=)