Welcome 2015


Dear All, welcome into 2015…
I have planned so much great Yoga for your body and mind to enter into transformation, happiness and balance, – to stay healthy and in vibrant energy flow. I hope to see you soon on the mat for life changing Yoga. I will begin this 2015 so you now have the chance to follow the same Kriya for 1 month. This will give your body and mind great awareness in the great potential of doing the same Kriya. Adopting the grand change and transformation will help you get deeper into your body and mind. Also the overall satisfaction from growing stronger in the excersises. My personal experience in doing the same Kriyas for longer time, has given me profound effects and almost a personal relationship to the Kriyas. For supporting me and being a best friend in times of challenges.This I want you to experience. Fridays will be one angle to follow and Sundays a different angle…

January Fridays – Friday Kundalini Yoga Week Release for all…- don´t miss out on starting your weekend empowered and happy!!
Warm Ups by tostyoga to open up into the Kriya to balance your LIFE ENERGY FLOW – You will experience 3 short powerful Master Sets Kriyas to work on your inner organs, major glands, lungs. Specific on your kidneys and Liver to detox and release fat. Works deeply on stress relief, detoxing and digestions. The Mantra meditation will bring you from negative mind to positive mind. This is a WOW class wich uses breathing techniques in the Master Sets which really opens directly op to relieving tensions. Restorative stretchings in the end to release the week completely and entering into final relaxtion.
Time: 17.00-18.30 Studio 1

January Sundays  4/01/15 – Women´s Space – Come and embrace yourself and elevate!
Warm Ups by tostyoga to open up into the Kriya Womens Set – This Kriya is designed to keep your spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy. It also works on keeping the female organs healthy, particularly relieving tension in the ovaries. If practised everyday it can give you beauty, radiance and grace. Final a soft feminine Meditation to evoke and manifest the inner grace, strength and radiance.Also it balances the inner five elements Mercury, Sun, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. This is a MUST class for women:=)
Time: 17.00-18.30 Studio 1

January News also brings:
tostyoga online:
Soon you can join and follow me online for Kundalini Yoga. I will bring you many Yoga Tools to use in your daily lifes. Also tostyoga programs for good morning and good evening practise etc.I will let you know when tostyoga hits the great Space.

2:tostyoga offers Yoga Coaching 1:1 sessions.
I now offer you unique 1:1 sessions of Yoga Coaching. This is for you who need to do more personal practise at home. We will talk about your needs, and what you need to support you in your daily life. But I will also calculate your 5 Yogic Numbers which are Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny, and Path. This can be used to discover which energy bodies you need to balance in order to live in flow. You will get a Access Concsciousness treatment, this gives me the chance to get deeper into your energy system. And it works profoundly hand in hand with Kundalini Yoga.
Your first Yoga Coaching session could look like this:
Email to me explaing where you are in your life and what you need. I want you to feel and think about and put into words. Then followed up with phone talk.
B: 1 hour Access Concsciousness treatment.
Then I will build together your unique personal practise which brings you warm ups, kriya and meditations.
C: 2 hours yoga practise where I will guide you into the excersises and explain about your 5 Yogic Numbers etc. You will be provided with copies of your practise.You can choose to come at my house or book Yogacentralen at studio 2 for 200 kr.
D: Follow up on email or skype if you need to talk to me about the effect of the practise.

January Special Price: 1500 kr. + 200 kr. if you want to book the studio at YC for 2 hours.
You can also choose a longer periode where I will build you practise over 3-4 month. Just contact me on your need and on prices etc.

3: tostyoga offers again, Kundalini Yoga Malaga Retreat 3-9 Oct. 2015
Kundalini Yoga Malaga Retreat informations and updates ready on https://tostyoga.com/kundalini-yoga-retreat/
Happy Greetings from Mette