Sharing photos Christmas Gong Workshop 13. Dec. 2014

Saturday 13. December was a happy and beautiful day to enter into Soul connections. All the women which where there made this day very special…So many thanks to all of you!

Once again I had invited my talented and loving colleque Birgitte, which played the Gong with intensitivity and passion. The Gong provided great support and transformation. And I had combined powerful and strong warm-ups to prepare body, mind and spirit for Strong Kriyas and Soft Meditations to enter into transformation and inner connections.

Workshop was for the Soul – to choose “Heart Over Head” – Humility and Creativity.
For this you may ask your self;
“Is my life a creative flow from my souls purpose?”
“Do I come from my Heart?”

Your Soul connects to your inner infinity. It is the experience of the flow of spirit within yourself. When your Soul Body is strong, you live by your heart instead of your head, your creativity flows in a simple pure way. When you master your Soul Body, you come from a place of great humility and creativity. You are so linked with your own infinity that you can relax into the flow of God energy and use it to create beauty in your life.
Balanced Soul Body, then you manage to be devoted and consistent in everything you do, – without being fanatic. You have the ability to relax, you know how you are and you stay original, resourceful, intuitive, calm, creative, compassionate and emphatic. You find it easy to understand other peoples struggles and situations without denying yourself. You will have the gift to communicate with other people on a deep and direct level. From soul to soul.
Weak Soul Body, then you may come from your head instead of your heart. You may feel stuck, not able to access your purpose and creative flow of life.

Key to Balancing: Raise the Kundalini. Open the Heart.

Enjoy pictures: