Goa Relax and Recharge Women´s Yoga Retreat

Relax & Recharge
Women´s Yoga Retreat to Palm Grove Beach Resort in GOA North India.
Dette Retreat bliver rykket ind i 2023. Hold øje med mit website om kommende datoer.

THESE prices is only approx pricing. I am moving the retreat into 2023.
Stay tuned!

Pricing estimated previous Early Bird 126520 INR – estimated rate in DKK 12.159 dk. kr.
4000 dk.kr. as a deposit when registration between 1. july 2021 and
1. september 2021 to get the Early Bird and to ensure your spot.
Late bird deposit 5000 dk.kr.

Final 84900 INR the Resort will charge you directly 37% approx 3 month before arriving. Rest will be charged by card and paid on site.

Sign up know, with paid deposit to Mette Tost MobilPay 2173 1472 or as bank transfer reg. nr. 2132 konto nr. 0725 156 146. Further down this page, you can see pricing included and not included.
Full program – all info is accurate, november 2022 – more info later. TOST_YOGA_Goa_Womens_Retreat_2021

When you enter this unique Women´s retreat, it will help you to relax, reconnect and recharge your body, mind and spirit. You will be in a safely, feminine community of women, coming together to immerse themselves into selv-love and Yoga transformation.

My mission with this Women´s Retreat, is to create a Women´s Healing Space.
It is all about feeling happy, joyful, free and having fun. Connect with other women and just chill out. Feet on the ground, head in heavens and just let life and energy flow freely. Breathing with ease, lean into softness, self-care, freedom and let life love you.

In our beautiful Yoga Shala with Arabian Sea view, I will guide you into morning and evening Yoga or Meditation. It will be a mix between effectful Kundalini Yoga, Yoga fusion, Yin stretching, Pranayam, Mantra and Meditations. Including Mindfuld Breathwalk by the Arabian Sea side.

This is also a wonderful time to dig deeper into your own private Yoga practise.
You are always welcome to talk to Mette and get advice regarding excersises, stretching, Mantra, Meditation and Pranayam.

Our special days together will support you deeply. This is your time to hear your inner loving voice. Listen into your heart and soul, so you again can embrace your inner dreams, explore your wisdom, sense your gratitude, tap into your female
intuition and let happiness fill you up.
When you get back home into real life, you will feel the empowerment from these healing days and begin to live your full potential. No more shadow, you where born to shine, you will feel ready to put yourself out there and show the world…

You will stay in charming and beautiful Bungalows by Arabian Sea view. Lots of grand atmosphere. Your eyes and senses will feel the peacefulness, surrounding you from this amazing, and welcoming Beach Resort. From here you can explore the area as you wish. This is your own private time to enjoy the present moments.
Pricing Included (½ pension):

  • Yoga, Yin Stretching, Meditation, Pranayam and Mantra
  • Breathwalk – walking Meditation
  • 1:1 with Mette –  Advice on Your own Yoga practise
  • 10 brunch buffee
  • 10 coconut drink pre or post Yoga
  • 1 welcome dinner + champagne at beach
  • 8 dinner buffee
  • 1 farewell dinner + champagne at beach
  • 1 hour massage
  • Yoga Shala overlooking the Arabian Sea
  • Free access to the Yoga Shala to do more with your own practise
  • Bungalows close to Arabian sea view
  • Shared double room – with non-separable kingsize bed
  • Guides and transfers to Ajuna flee market, Mapusa market and Spice Plantation

Pricing Not included:

  • Visum you can purchase HERE
  • Flight tickets – pricing is around 6353 dk.kr. – final airport is Dabolim, Goa.
    You book your own flight tickets. Look for Quatar, departure the 5th march.
    where you land in Dabolim at midnight. So you will check in around 5 o´clock in morning on march 6th.
  • Transfer from airport (takes approx 1,5 hour drive) – price approx 1700 INR per bungalow per way.
  • Lunch and drinks on our tours
  • Other exploring, field trips and Ajurvedaclinic treatments
  • Any other drinking or eating
  • Travel Insurance and cancellation insurance, which is mandatory for joining
    my journey. To protect yourself further TOST YOGA recommends you to
    have doctors accept before travelling. TOST YOGA takes no responsibility
    for the participant’s health when it comes to professionel medical care.
    A possible personal insurance / cancellation / year insurance which also
    covers cancellation due to sudden illness, you can draw from your own
    insurance company or purchase in connection with your flight. Remember
    to ask them if Medical and emergency services are included.
  • Vaccines if you feel you need them. More info look HERE
  • Ayurvedaclinic, if your are interested in private consultation and treatment. Please make sure to plan and book month ahead we arrive. They are very bussy at the place. Let me know if you are interested.
  • If you want more massage at the Resort, you book in the reception and rate is around 2000 INR estimated rate in DKK 200 dk.kr.
  • If you want a singel room Early Bird 180523 INR estimated DKK 17.349 dk.kr.

Terms of cancellation:
Registration deposite and payment are final and non-refundable due to planning and pre-booking in India. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to pass on your place to another or use your travel/ cancellation insurance. Only if the Resort Palm Groove Beach Resort or Mette Tost cancle the journey your money will be refunded.

Regarding planning and timing:
Note that any timing and planning program given before journey, can be altered to improve daily planning, weather changes etc. this is from my personal experience.
So any changes given is approximately, but I will always inform you when needed.

Other practical:
If you book flight that arrive early morning and you want to check in earlier than 1 pm, then you need to book an extra night. Please inform me about this as soon as possible so we can pre-book the bungalow.

March 15th departure day. Check out from bungalow at 11 am. We keep one bungalow for suitcases, showers and bathroom during the day. Departure to airport 23:30 pm.

Minimum 10 women to complete this Yoga Retreat:=)